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Psoriasis- 236604

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●  Psoriasis


Up to: $6,950


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For more information please apply online or call 1-800-797-2448


We are seeking volunteers with chronic plaque psoriasis to participate in a clinical research trial evaluating a new investigational drug. The study involves 1 screening visit, 1 in-house stay on our clinic of 3 days/2 nights and at least 10 outpatient visits. During the in-house stay you will receive a single dose of the study drug. You may be randomized to receive the study medication or placebo. Qualified participants must have a current diagnosis of chronic plaque psoriasis, involving ≥5% body surface area (not including the face and scalp), for at least six months. Additionally, participants must be able and willing to washout of topical medicated treatments (i.e. Clobex) for 14 days and other systemic or biologic treatments (i.e. prescription medication such as Enbrel, Remicade, etc.) for 1-2 months (depending on the medication).

Note:to estimate the body surface area of your psoriasis, use your palm as a unit of measurement. Roughly, 1 palm sized area of psoriasis = 1% body surface area. For this study, participants are required to have ≥5% body surface area or approximately 5 or more palm-sized areas of psoriasis on the body (not including the face and scalp).

Call 667.210.5353 or 667.210.5374