If I qualify for a study, do I have to participate?
No, you do not have to participate. It is your decision whether or not you want to join a study.

If I join a study, do I have to complete the study?
No, you are free to leave a study at any time and for any reason.

However, if you do leave a study, the study doctor or study staff may ask you some follow-up questions, and you will not be allowed to rejoin the study.

How many follow-up visits are required?
It depends on the study. Some studies may require more follow-up visits than others. The study doctor or the study staff will go over how many follow-up visits you may need to make.

Will I be paid for participating in a study?

Yes, you will be compensated for any inconvenience or costs incurred due to study participation. Each study is different and it would be best to contact our clinical team to get more information.

Additionally, all medical tests and assessments pertaining to your health profile will be provided to you by trained physicians at no cost.

Can I get study medication outside of clinical research studies?
No, only study volunteers are eligible to receive study medication. Clinical research study medications are not available to the public.

Should I talk with my family, friends, and personal doctor before participating in a clinical research study?
It is always a good idea to discuss study participation with people you trust. Your GP may also be able discuss other treatment options with you.