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Memory Clinic

Are you or someone you love experiencing memory changes?

You may benefit from a memory evaluation through our Memory Clinic. The results can provide you and your physician with valuable information that can help preserve your quality of life and maintain independence. You will be given helpful information about caregiver and community resources.

We also provide information about volunteer research opportunities and education about joining the fight against dementia. Our research studies are at the heart of getting medicines to those who need them. Participation in research studies helps the scientific community find treatments for diseases that cause dementia and may benefit future generations. You do not have to participate in a research study to receive a Memory Clinic evaluation. All services of the Memory Clinic are free of charge. We will not bill your insurance or Medicare.

  • What is a Memory Evaluation?

A memory evaluation, also known as a neuropsychological evaluation or cognitive evaluation, is a way to find out how your brain is functioning. We conduct interviews with you and your family members and use standardized assessments to test different areas of brain functioning, such as memory, attention, processing speed, visuospatial functioning and more. The entire process typically takes about 90 minutes and involves answering questions and doing paper and pencil tasks. The results of testing will show your areas of cognitive strengths and weaknesses, which can be very useful to you, your family, and your primary care doctor or neurologist. Often people use results of testing to rule out a diagnosis, make a diagnosis, determine a course of treatment, or assist with family care planning.

  • Meet our Doctors

Dr. Gertsik

Lev Gertsik, M.D. (Psychiatry), Medical Director of California Clinical Trials Medical Group, more than 20 years of psychiatric research experience and has served as a Principal Investigator, sub‑investigator, and designer of Phase I to IV evaluations of medications for psychiatric and neurological disorders, e.g., schizophrenia (both acute relapse and stabilized), mood, anxiety, and sleep disorders, and Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Gertsik is recognized for his expertise in study design, protocol development, and research methodologies for central nervous system (CNS) clinical studies. He has extensive experience employing bio- and surrogate markers, imaging, behavioral, and neuropsychiatric/cognitive assessments into pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (single and multiple ascending dose, maximum tolerated dose) target patient population studies. He also has extensive experience conducting ethnic sensitivity, bioequivalence, and drug‑drug interaction studies, with extensive expertise in investigator and rater training.

Dr. Morris

Lydia Morris, Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology), Sub-Investigator with California Clinical Trials Medical Group, is a licensed psychologist with areas of specialization in geriatrics, elder abuse intervention, caregiving, addiction, and codependency. She currently serves as a sub-investigator with California Clinical Trials on a variety neuropsychiatric research studies. She enjoys working with families to understand the results of our cognitive assessments and offers practical guidance and support to families on how to best care for themselves and their loved one who is experiencing decline. She has a particular passion for Alzheimer’s research, having lost a close family member to the disease.

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Memory Clinic

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